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With more than 25 years of experience working in the competitive telecommunications space, the principals at Estella have grown up with the internet.  Our telecom roots run deep and we watched the impact the internet has had on our world.  Our background and experience includes design and deployment of telecommunications infrastructure.  From SONET to WDM to Switched and Routed facilities, we have experience in all facets of transport and carrier grade network construction.   We pride ourselves in being a “Fiber Optic Construction Management Organization” with self-perform capabilities. 

               Our model is inclusive.  Because we control one of the largest line items for expense, OSP construction, it is much easier to provide comprehensive, cost competitive solutions for 3rd parties wishing to build and operate telecommunications networks.   As a revenue producer, selling to carriers and large enterprise customers for most of my career, I understand the business from pre-sale to post-operational, the costs and soft costs for deploying and operating fiber-based product sets, and how to get the best ROI.

               The telecom construction space has been so fragmented over the years due to the number of different disciplines needed to create a finished product, that few have the ability to bring the disciplines under one roof.  Design should be spawned from customer conversation, budget and objective.  Design and MOP should drive engineering for layer 1,2 and 3.  Product sets are a by-product of design, engineering and deployment formed around SLA and objectives.  All of the elements combined equal a dynamic, living network that will change. 

               At Estella, we simply build great networks based upon our customers objective and by controlling high-cost items like outside plant construction, we are able to offer competitive solutions that are comprehensive in nature and cost effective.   We can be looked at as a self-perform construction management organization.

Network Services

In-house Fiber Construction Teams

In-house WDM, Switch and Routing Design and Installation

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