About Us

Estella Telecom is a full-service telecom construction company with a focus on building high performance carrier class networks using in-house construction crews and our own network engineering resources. With more than 25 years of experience working directly with carriers, fortune one corporations and service providers building fiber optic networks, Estella’s service portfolio touches on market analytic evaluation, network design and the development of product sets to address target market.   We can help with the following;


  • Cost Analysis
  • Engineering
  • Permit Acquisition
  • OSP Construction
  • Equipment and Shelter EF&I
  • Carrier Interconnects
  • Data Center Strategy
  • Provisioning support and rule sets across product sets
  • implementation of product sets, and on-going support through disconnect (product lifecycle).

Our company is construction strong with deep telecommunications experience with both start-ups and refined telecommunications corporations. Our goal is to help our customers weight cost, risk and benefits when contemplating new network builds or expansions. We want to account for each megabit of traffic that traverses your network. We can work with existing networks to improve performance and create efficiencies to improve your customers’ experience while adding more control over features like CoS or design and build from the ground up.

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